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is a Belgrade crew that gathered different members into the electro sound with a hint of ragga-reggae, 2step-garage sound (as they call it "Hip-electro- ragga-2-hop reggae-step").hellip;


It all started about 1997, with Ivan and Edi Bon (two brothers), who developed their electro style in their home production. For years, MistakeMistake welcomed members that had something of their own to add to their art expression. Basically, the two brothers made tracks and joined members added vocals and sometimes other sequences. The name MistakeMistake descends from the concept that every art creation is based on mistakes.

Everything started from a need to get away from the depressive atmosphere of Belgrade of the 90's. The name Mistakemistake descends from the concept that every art creation is based on mistakes.

So far, release of the band are album "Kobajagi" (Indietronic 2009), 12" EP and 12" single (Masterplan Records, Austria, 2003), album "Hipelectroragga2hopreggaestep" (Multimedia Records –Universal licensee for SCG, 2004), songs on some compilations ("Belgrade Coffee Shop" 3, 4 and 10 - B92, 2003,2004 and 2010 and "Belgrade In Clubbin' We Trust" - HMK Music 1999) and a remix for a song of German band Stella, "Finger On The Trigger For The Years To Come" (L'AGE/D'OR, 2000). NEW ALBUM as a free download will be available for 1. Marth on MTV.rs.

During the past years, the bend had performed in many clubs and several festivals, but with a strong impact on the audience. They performed on festivals like EXIT 06 & 07 (Fusion stage), Balkan fever (Austria), Urban festival (Slovenia), Sajeta (Slovenia), Nisomnia... They peformed in cool clubs like Flex (Vienna), Golden Pudel (Hamburg), Welt Bune (Hamburg), Dub Club SKC (Belgrade) Dom Omladine Beograd, Sava Centar... They performed with names like The Prodigy, 4Hero, Panjabi MC, Kosheen,... They released 8 video clips that reached many charts, and even have been played on TopTenAtTen on MTV Adria. MistakeMistake was created by two brothers Ivan and Edi Bon, who welcomed other musicians that had something of their own to add to their art expression. Ivan Bon, a master degree in art and sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy in Belgrade is a composer of the music tracks for MistakeMistake. Edi Bon, PhD in astrophysics, is a producer of their tracks. Elena Lange, a lead vocal, from Hamburg, a master of philosophy and the Japanese language (singer, also working in The Stella and Small Town Girls). Current collaborators are Aleksandra Krstić (singer, mastered piano at Music Faculty), Milana Popović (singer, student at jazz academy), Zoran Simić (guitarist and singer, PhD in astrophysics, ex Pita od meda), Adam Rakić (MC, works in Mad Red, WackWacko), Madrugada (a project based on various styles of Brazilian music, created and lead by Maja Makarić Pavlović, a singer and professor of Portuguese language), Vukašin Marković (singer and trombonist in IrieFm), Robert Urban Lucci (MC, tennis educator form UK), King Ali Baba (singer from Jamaica)... Also, MistakeMistake worked with a lot of guests: Bojana Vunturišević (Svi Na Pod), MC Sky Wikluh (Djordje Miljenović), Tribuman (France), MC Milovan (Zemlja Gruva), Zoe Kidah (Zemlja Gruva, Svi Na Pod), Constructa (Zemlja Gruva, Svi Na Pod), Shobaja (Zemlja Gruva, Sevdah Baby), Bojana Knezevic (Toy Corner), Verica Marinkovics... Many DJs and producers collaborated with MistakeMistake, like MKDSL, Wolfgang S., DJ Flip, Evidence, Sevdah Baby, Hain Teny... VIDEOS: Nikola Vulović, Igor Ćorić, Romana Vujasinović. VJs: Djordje Petrović, Igor Stojić...

More than a decade the bend had performed in many Belgrade clubs and, seems to have a strong impact on the audience. This lead to several offers for releases of which some are from outside Serbia.

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