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If you find any content on this site incorrectly displayed, which might happen, we think you should try a better browser. If that's the case, you can choose from here. Btw, we are long time Mozilla fans so it might be worth doing it anyway. If problem persists, please send an email to Denis and hopefuly, he'll fix it asap.
Still, this is a confusing mixture of languages but we are all working on it and the whole site will soon be translated in to English. We hope you like it.

The Mistakemistake Crew

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1. mart 2011.
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Live gigs short list
27.12.2013 & MistakeMistake i Rahmanee @ Jazz Bar Centar
30.11.2013 & SweetEscape: MistakeMistake+Intruder @KCGrad
21.11.2013 & SteamPunk SoundSculpture@LASCIAR VIBRARE-DKSG