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Elena Lange

is plenty mysterious!
Elena I was born in Hamburg. My mother is from Belgrade, my father is from Eimsbüttel. That is in Hamburg. Now more than sixty years later in Eimsbüttel there is a clique of Hip hop artists who tenderly call their home quarter "Eimsbush city". One of these guys and girls, Samy Deluxe, has just won the Europe Music Award for best German newcomer. So, you can tell, I'm famous because my father stems from EimsbŁttel, Eimsbush city, and sixty years later, someone from that part of Hamburg wins an MTV award, sort of.

Even if you could tell I was joking, you would guess actually why I'm famous in Germany , and in Belgrade.

because I'm with the electronicrock band and unfortunately double named Stella.

because I'm with MistakeMistake, the hot chicks circling around well bred folks like the extraordinarily talented Ivan Bon and his coolly named brother Edi. Edi Bon itself is a rockstar name. It's like Bon Scott never existed. They make musik. We love musik. It's somehow UK garage, but thanks to the Krautrock meets african Jazz poet and libaritarian woodpecker Shobaja, Nebojsa Andelkovic, that is half way through Serbian name we make music for the alcoholic masses.

Even though we are so well bred. Talking of bread, I think I'll go have a beer.

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