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Jos jedan od onih dana - MC Sky Wikluh vs. Mistake Mistake

Free download:Jos jedan od onih dana.mp3, BonBass 2012/2009
Creative Commons license 3.0 / vise o licenci na linku: http://creativecommons.org.rs
single: Jos jedan od onih dana


sadrži trake: Tea (sa Zoranom Simićem), Prati me (sa Aleksandrom Krstić), Out There -reggae version (King Ali Baba), Penguins (Elena Lange), Human Disco (Small Town Girls), Carinho (Madrugada), Skills (Vukašin marković), Klick&Flow (Hain Tennny), Intro (Milana Popović), MMORPG (Aleksandra Krstić)...
album MMORPG
free download of MMORPG...
cover download Mistakemistake MMORPG

Out There with King Ali Baba

with 12 remixes, including Dub Terminator, Sevdah Baby, MKDSL, DJ I Cue, Caligari, DJ Hillberg, Evidence, DJ Mistake, Proggy&Bass...
album Out There


PUBLISHER:Indietronic Records, 2008
12 tracks, including 'Leave In Summer', 'Wake Me Up', 'Produzi', 'Witness'...
album Kobajagi
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Belgrade Coffee Shop 10

Quoted from B92 website,
belgrade coffe shop 10
Read more from B92 website

Belgrade Coffee Shop 10

ADAPTATIONS FROM THE MOON - Tuxedomooning The World:, 2009
Read more from Tuxedomooning website

Hip-electro-ragga 2 hop-reggae-step

PUBLISHER:Multimedia Records, 2004
20 tracks, including 'Move On' remix by Wolfgang S. and MKDSL!
novi album
Read more about this album ( text in Serbian )

Belgrade Coffee Shop 4

Quoted from B92 website,
belgrade coffe shop 4
Read more from B92 website

Belgrade Coffee Shop 3

Quoted from B92 website,
Third chapter in Belgrade Coffee Shop series is a slightly different affair. Three years after Volume 1, the scene has matured and diversified, and a number of new names are put on the map, making their way to this album.
belgrade coffe shop 3
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Finger on the trigger for the years to come

PUBLISHER: L'age D'or,
our track: "YU garage mix - Elena VS Mistake Mistake" track 3.

This CD was published in 2000 (2000 L'AGE D'OR/LADO MUSIK GMBH)"

Stella album cover

Belgrade in clubbin' we trust

OUR TRACK: "Down in the sky" track 3
This CD was published in Belgrade in 1999, the worst year in lives of all Belgrade people.
in clubbin' we trust

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