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Zoe Kidah

In real life Ana Jankovic,
student of Spanish at the University of Belgrade. She is the author of several MistakeMistake songs: skydoor, mess, feel it...
Ana Jankovic
Likes creativity,life, watermelon, movies, books, music.
Her favorite writer - Cortasar. Favorite musicians - Lauryn Hill, Chaka Khan, Erica, D'Angelo... She's been forbiden to sing in her house, so she's been singing only in the bathroom. She dreams of singing live with black vocalists.
She wants to live in Florence and to drive a Spachek.
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27.12.2013 & MistakeMistake i Rahmanee @ Jazz Bar Centar
30.11.2013 & SweetEscape: MistakeMistake+Intruder @KCGrad
21.11.2013 & SteamPunk SoundSculpture@LASCIAR VIBRARE-DKSG